Jam With Me!


Jam with me!

Hey it’s Hoagie Malone from Rain Station. I’ve been recording drum beat MP3s so anyone with recording gear can use the beats to record music. You can preview the beats, choose one or more, right click to download ‘em, and drag them into your recording software. Do what ever you like, chop it up, loop it, add effects, whatever. When you are done adding tracks mix it all to an MP3 and email it to: beats @ RainStation.com so I can check out the collaboration and post the results to the RainStation.com blog. The beats are at:

Drum Beat 1
Drum Beat 2
Drum Beat 3
Drum Beat 4
Drum Beat 5
Drum Beat 6
Drum Beat 7
Drum Beat 8
Drum Beat 9
Drum Beat 10


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