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Rain Station is music by Mark Harvey and J.E.MooresRain Station is music by Mark Harvey and J.E.Moores otherwise known as mopehead and Hoagie Malone, their unusual alter egos from the SOB Puppet Hour. Jay and Mark met in the early 90′s, and have recorded several CD’s of music together. Criminal Goat, The Living Room Sessions, Fancy Fancy, Stonedozer, and Dark Ride are the musical releases available from Rain Station, with a new project in progress. We are uploading MP3′s to RainStation.com at the end of each recording session so you all can listen to the songs as we add each track. It’s like hanging out with us in the studio as we record.

Mark and I invite film makers to use our music as soundtrack material. If you are making a student film, short video, or home made movie you can use our music for free, just give Rain Station proper credit. For more information check out our Music For Movies page.

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  1. denise says:

    Loved you since I first heard trick or treat on Halloween. Years ago…..I got married, had two kids and I still sing that song……. so do my kids……awesome videos too from that album. Thanks for that song but I find I can’t purchase a CD. How can I do that? Thanks for any help. Love Rainstation.

    Love, Denise. (Frankie)

    Email: dmoonchild@verizon.net

  2. Rainvention says:

    Hello from Russia!

    Guys, you would not believe. My musical project formerly known as Rainstation, and my nickname was Lucky Star.

    Let’s make some music together!

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