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My mix – so far…


13.2 - 17-

This is just a few seconds under 30 minutes. These are my 8 favorites, and I’m having a tough time with order. I really believe a CD has to transition smooth, and feel like some sort of story is being told. This is the best I can come up with, but I keep changing it, and listening to it for a better mix. We just need the songs we haven’t recorded yet, and then it will all come together. Since I’m traveling to Maine, this is the mix I’m taking with me. I’ll be back in CA end of August so Mark and I can finish this project. Until then, anyone got a better playing order for these 8 songs?

To download our new tunes, simply right click each one and “Save Target As” to your desk top. Then right click the mp3 files on your desk top and “Open With” iTunes or other music player.

All Alone. Latest song by Rain Station.


All AloneIt is indeed a wonderous thing when Mr. Mark Harvey comes to play his guitars. It’s not easy getting both of us in the same room at the same time, but when it happens, I think it’s what we’re on earth to do. Make music together. Here’s another fun clunky ditty we put together for you to listen to. With your ears.



Dark Ride


Dark Ride Halloween Flash Animation at: JackOLantern.ORG

Living Room Sessions


<a href="">Blanket Of Dreams by Rain Station</a>
I am so happy that Mark could get this recording onto bandcamp’s way cool site. This is a set of songs I wrote. It’s just Mark and I playing acoustic guitars and singing into his DAT player. Recorded in the living room at the Rain Station (which was a little house off 45th and Lawton in the Sunset of San Francisco). I gotta record a couple of these songs in a studio some day. They have potential. I guess that’s what I love about this recording. It’s immediate, live, and real. This is what Rain Station sounds like LIVE- campy, kooky, stoney…

Fancy Fancy


<a href="">Summer Home by Rain Station</a>

I don’t remember a thing about this recording. I remember making the CD cover artwork, and I remember recording Summer Home, Widdershins, and Quiet Morning… it’s such a blurr. Mark, do you know the story of this disc? It seems to have about 3 different worlds compiled into one project. There are the tunes with Tony and Brian, the stuff you and Brian made, but where was I at that time? Did I return to Maine for a while? What do you remember about the process of making this disc?

Criminal Goat


I still dig this 4 track recording. It is from a time when we just plugged into the old 4-track and whoever was around added a bass, guitar, or something. After a while, I had all sorts of great tracks. I noticed that the best tracks had Mark on them. Criminal Goat is a collection of the songs with Mark, and Rain Station was born. We’ve continued to record off and on when time permits for the past 800 years. It’s an amazing track record if nothing else. Criminal Goat is a clunky, strange, home recording. It’s very improv based, and raw. I still get a good creative vibe off it. I like to draw while I listen. I draw really weird stuff too. It’s a project that just keeps giving, and it’s here now for your pleasure, or pain… Criminal Goat by Rain Station.

Happy Birthday Stonedozer


Rain Station StonedozerRain Station released Stonedozer 4/20/2000. Happy 9th birthday!!!

Download Stonedozer at Amazon and listen to free mp3 samples.

Give The World


Rain Station

You’ve got a lot to give the world. Open up to see.
It’s all right there for you right now – the possibilities.

You’ve got a lot to give the world, it’s plain to see.
All you really need to do – set your mind free.

All the world is in a rush
Years go by and never touch
On anything or anyone, or any meaning
We’ve just lost our feelings
Until I’m not me any more.

You’ve got a lot to give the world.

Listen hear: RS-17.mp3

Get Outta The Way (RS-16.1)


M-Audio gearI’ve lived several places where driving can make you crazy. Miami, L.A., Bay Area, Washington D.C., NY City… it’s a mad house out there – A MAD HOUSE!!! Seems like everything you want to do is some kind of crazy drive. Traffic, rush hour the sun in your eyes… is there no end to it all?

Here’s the song: RS-16.1.mp3