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Broom Hopping Video Game


Broom Hopping


Hey we are very happy to share our latest Halloween Video Game for iOS and Android called: Broom Hopping! This game was inspired by the Rain Station song of the same name from the CD, Dark Ride. Help the kitty hop hop hop from broom stick to broom stick as the witches fly past. It’s fun. Download for free! Check out more Rain Station Halloween music, animation, and games at: JackOLantern.ORG ~ Happy Halloween!





These are songs for my friends. You know who you are.

I’m Getting Spooky


Campfire Cover: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths


Hey, it’s Jay and Beaver practicing for the campfire song at the Junior Lodge at camp. We’re playing “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths. How-how!


Super Spy Chick Trailer


City Girl by Rain Station on the Super Spy Chick movie trailer.

Nine million years of JEM Songs


Music and Lyrics by J.E.Moores

I’ve been writing little ditties and songs since 1986 in journals. Some of those songs became recordings for Rain Station, Time Brats, and other musical projects. All my journals are hand written, and I was concerned that if I ever lost them, I would lose my songs. So I took a few days and wrote them all out and made a JEM Song Book. Now I have a handy back up copy of all my songs from 1986-2014 in PDF format where ever there is an internet connection. I hope others will enjoy playing some of these little songs I wrote.

Have FUN!


Jam With Me!


Jam with me!

Hey it’s Hoagie Malone from Rain Station. I’ve been recording drum beat MP3s so anyone with recording gear can use the beats to record music. You can preview the beats, choose one or more, right click to download ‘em, and drag them into your recording software. Do what ever you like, chop it up, loop it, add effects, whatever. When you are done adding tracks mix it all to an MP3 and email it to: beats @ so I can check out the collaboration and post the results to the blog. The beats are at:

Drum Beat 1
Drum Beat 2
Drum Beat 3
Drum Beat 4
Drum Beat 5
Drum Beat 6
Drum Beat 7
Drum Beat 8
Drum Beat 9
Drum Beat 10

Complicated Man


Complicated Man from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.

Rain Station: copyright infringers


We have had so much trouble posting videos to YouTube of our own music. They continue to think that our videos are copyright infringement, when it’s simply our music and our videos we are posting. The process to keep our videos up is complicated, and we are guilty until we prove we have the right to our own tunes. It’s frustrating. Somehow our distribution through The Orchard, iTunes, and Amazon makes YouTube think we are stealing the music, making videos, and then they hit us with infringement.

How does one prove they made something? I responded letting them know it was my music, but I got a form letter that didn’t address my email. Now YouTube tells me that it’s up to The Orchard to decide if I have the right to post my music videos. They sent me a form letter telling me to update my preferences if I no longer want them to distribute my music. Of course I want them to distribute my music, but not stop me from making videos. All I know is that I want to punch somebody. Who, who can I punch?

Hold Your Love (II)