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Sad Silence


Complicated Man?


Mark brought along some lyrics for the latest Rain Station recording session we had a few weeks ago.

Complicated Man? by Rain Station: RS-08.1.mp3



Mark came over to work on some of the tracks we started back in 2009. Instead of doing much of that, we started a whole new Halloween song. It’s October, we can’t help it. We have to make Halloween music.

Science!!! by Rain Station: RS-10.mp3

Mark asked me to Bump it UP. This any better? RS-10.1.mpg

Rain Station on Reverb Nation


Mark took the time to load the Rain Station catalog including our earliest home 4 track recordings to, many of which I no longer had. Too many of my old CD-R discs died over the years, so it’s nifty to hear these ancient relics. Thanks Mark for digging out the master archives of these tunes and bringing them back to life!

Reverb Nation will also publish these early Rain Station recordings on demand for those that want a physical CD with all the art work etc. Click here to order Rain Station CD’s through the Reverb Nation store.

Paper Toy Promo


Keystone Paper Promo Toy by J.E.MooresPaper Toy Promo by J.E.Moores

Mark adds some keyboards


Here’s the rough draft of our latest tune:

The name of this band is Rain Station.


Hoagie and mopeheadSummer of 1993 I was in Boston walking in the rain toward South Station to catch a bus to Maine to see my folks. There was a lot of construction at the new station, so there were temporary fences and walkways, with lots of signs to help find your way. Everyone was doing their best to stay under the roof of the tracks to stay dry. A man holding a briefcase was standing in a way so that his case was hiding the first letter to a sign. As I walked into the area, I saw a bold blue sign with an arrow that read, RAIN STATION. My brain took a minute and wondered what a Rain Station was. Do they monitor the rain fall there? Is it a temporary structure to keep passengers dry? Then as my perspective and angle changed, I noticed there was a T behind his briefcase, and the sign said Train Station. Silly me. Here I am at Boston’s South Station, and I think the sign says Rain Station. The moment stuck with me. I had seen a sign. Not only did Mark and I name the band Rain Station, but we named the (soon to be condemned) house we lived in, Rain Station being in the fog zone of San Francisco’s Sunset Beach District. Black mold took that house over, and we all had to move out. Hack hack cough cough. Very damp and rainy indeed.

Give The World


Rain Station

You’ve got a lot to give the world. Open up to see.
It’s all right there for you right now – the possibilities.

You’ve got a lot to give the world, it’s plain to see.
All you really need to do – set your mind free.

All the world is in a rush
Years go by and never touch
On anything or anyone, or any meaning
We’ve just lost our feelings
Until I’m not me any more.

You’ve got a lot to give the world.

Listen hear: RS-17.mp3

Dread Pirate Roberts (RS-15.1)


Jay and MarkMark was here Sunday adding bass and guitar tracks to the stuff I recorded last week. Here is another version of Dread Pirate Roberts, with Mark’s bass. I redid the vocal, and added more percussion to beat it up a bit.

Listen hear: RS-15.1.mp3

Making a movie or video? We have music!


Hoagie and mopeheadMark and I have been recording forever. And when I say forever, I mean that we are old. Far too old to be out touring around away from our families. Instead we like to get our recordings into movies and films. A lot of folk out there like to make movies, shorts, animation, or videos, and many of you need music. We have all sorts of music here at the Rain Station, and we’d like to be part of any movie or video you are working on. Our music ranges from bare bones rock and roll, pop, heavy mellow, spooky Halloween music, and Mark’s super scary Pumpkinland Hauntscape CD’s. If you are making a drama, comedy, feel good movie, science fiction, action, suspense, or horror, we have music you could use. We have a sliding scale depending if your movie is big budget, or a student film, or home made movie. If your movie is not big budget, then you can use our music for free.

To play Rain Station music in your movie or video project you must simply include music credits for: and post a copy of the final video project to us for our collection (DVD, .mov, .wmv…)
Please see our Creative Commons link for complete mumbo jumbo. It’s like this, if your project is big budget and makes money, you should share some with us, but if your project is for school, film festivals, or just for fun, you can use our music for free as long as you give credit.
Let us know about your project so we can link to your site!
Places to hear Rain Station music: – Download our music here. – Mark also has all our music here. – Raw studio sessions. New songs as we record them. – Mark’s blog (lots o’ free MP3′s!) – Pumpkinland hauntscapes, Mark’s spooky movie music.
Stonedozer (Amazon) – Listen to sample MP3′s.
JackOLantern.ORG – Jay’s Halloween animation of music from Dark Ride. – Mark’s Record Label. – Soundtrack by Mark & Rain Station.
Use the comment link below to contact us. If you need help finding the perfect song for your scene, just ask! Explain the scene a little, and Mark or I will get back to you. Let’s collaborate!