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Hold Your Love (II)


Video: Give The World


just a couple of family men


Rain Station has existed since the early 90′s but I still haven’t come to grips with WHAT it really is. We’re not rock stars, or even rock star wannabes heck, we’re really not a band. We’re a recording act. For the most part I play some drum beats, and Mark records some guitar, bass, keyboard, and then we write lyrics. We don’t play out. We have kids, work jobs, live in small towns, and lead very normal suburban lives. We don’t live near each other, and find the time to get together to make music quite rarely. When it came time to make a few videos of our latest songs from Underground, I got to thinking: I have all kinds of family home videos. I thought it would be neat to make fun family videos for a few of the new songs. I love my family. They are the rock stars in my life. I didn’t want to set up video shoots to make Rain Station look like cool rock stars because it’s just not us. Right now Mark and I are juggling way too many regular life responsibilities to ever feel like rock stars. After all, we’re just a couple of family men. These videos show my family living real life, doing real stuff. The good life, love of family, watching children grow, elders age. It’s the kind of stuff we all aspire to, but it’s not the normal topic found in most rock videos. Simple, but my little family videos remind me of what really matters in life.

Door To Door


Sad Silence


Video: Obstacles


Mark adds some keyboards


Here’s the rough draft of our latest tune:

Mark gets out the bass


Rain Station Bass Guitar Repairs, Inc.


Mark’s monster cable broke off inside his bass guitar. Watch the two of us try to figure out how to get it out of that little hole. This bass gives us a lot of trouble before our music recording sessions, but once it’s working, it’s a great beast. Last time we had bass trouble, the foam in Mark’s bass case somehow turned to gunk, and had covered his bass with gunky goo. You never know what folk go through just to bring you free MP3 music.

I'm Getting Spooky


Click photo for videoIt’s October and Mark came over to record, and since Rain Station can only record Halloween Music during the month of October, we did just that. We recorded a Halloween tune. Now it’s been a couple years since we’ve recorded a Halloween themed song, and it felt good Gettin’ Spooky once again with Mark.

Here’s the FREE MP3 track RS-06: I’m Getting Spooky
OK, I listened to the first mix on my big stereo system and I wanted to tweak Mark’s vocals so I could understand each word better. So here’s the song AGAIN… let me know if this is a better mix!
I’m Getting Spooky (RS-06.1)