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Halloween Animation


Halloween AnimationI wanted to celebrate my repaired hard drive with a brand new Halloween Animation. This is Monster Hunter by Rain Station. From the Halloween themed CD, Dark Ride. I just finished Flashin’ it up, and here it is. Halloween is a great time of year, so get out your chainsaw with Monster Hunter and party it up. Now that the Haunted Hard Drive has been repaired by the kind folk in Toronto, Mark and I can get back to working on our latest music project. Maybe… you see… Now that the holidays are here, time is going to be hard to find. Mark, are you out there? Have fun Trick O’ Treatin’ and I hope to see you soon! Happy Halloween everyone, and to all boys and ghouls a good night!

Haunted Sego Canyon


Dark Ride


Dark Ride Halloween Flash Animation at: JackOLantern.ORG

Guitar tracks: Give The World


Mark adds a second guitar track onto RS-05, which later became Give The World. Here you can hear the entire drum track that is cut down much shorter in the final mix. The beat had a strange bit, where it attempts to go into another beat, but quickly changes it’s mind, and just stays in the same rhythm. I knew I was going to cut the track, but Mark wanted to give me as much meat and potato as he could. Mr. Harvey is a patient man, and as weird as the drum beat was, he gets it after a couple takes.

Little Dancing Tiki Guys


These are some friends of the Fist Lizard, the Little Dancing Tiki Guys. They don’t say much, but they’ve got the moves. Wucka Wucka.

Hold Your Love (RS-05.1)


Here’s a video of Mark adding his bass track to Hold Your Love. I like this song. It’s strange, slow and sexy. The bad part is, the other night I couldn’t sleep, and I had this song in my head. Over and over with, “holding the one that you love deep inside… hold your love.” So be careful. Don’t listen to it too many times. It gets stuck in your head.

Listen hear: RS-05.1.mp3
Lyrics to: Hold Your Love

Alleged Fist Lizard Revealed


One of the neat things about being in the Rain Station is that we have a fist lizard. And when it gets right down to it, we have the best damn fist lizard you’ve ever seen. We get a lot of ideas from him. Lyrics just spring forth outta this crazy amphibian. If you want to know the secret to creating rock and roll, you gotta know that all great bands have and utilize their fist lizard. Zeppelin had one, but it’s rumored that somehow Jack White got a hold of it. Freddie Mercury of Queen had several, and no one knows where they are to this day. Radiohead has half a fist lizard. I have no idea how that works, but it seems to work great for them. No matter which way you slice it, you gotta have a fist lizard, and it’s a step you simply cannot skip during any recording session. Now go out there and get it on already.

Making a movie or video? We have music!


Hoagie and mopeheadMark and I have been recording forever. And when I say forever, I mean that we are old. Far too old to be out touring around away from our families. Instead we like to get our recordings into movies and films. A lot of folk out there like to make movies, shorts, animation, or videos, and many of you need music. We have all sorts of music here at the Rain Station, and we’d like to be part of any movie or video you are working on. Our music ranges from bare bones rock and roll, pop, heavy mellow, spooky Halloween music, and Mark’s super scary Pumpkinland Hauntscape CD’s. If you are making a drama, comedy, feel good movie, science fiction, action, suspense, or horror, we have music you could use. We have a sliding scale depending if your movie is big budget, or a student film, or home made movie. If your movie is not big budget, then you can use our music for free.

To play Rain Station music in your movie or video project you must simply include music credits for: and post a copy of the final video project to us for our collection (DVD, .mov, .wmv…)
Please see our Creative Commons link for complete mumbo jumbo. It’s like this, if your project is big budget and makes money, you should share some with us, but if your project is for school, film festivals, or just for fun, you can use our music for free as long as you give credit.
Let us know about your project so we can link to your site!
Places to hear Rain Station music: – Download our music here. – Mark also has all our music here. – Raw studio sessions. New songs as we record them. – Mark’s blog (lots o’ free MP3′s!) – Pumpkinland hauntscapes, Mark’s spooky movie music.
Stonedozer (Amazon) – Listen to sample MP3′s.
JackOLantern.ORG – Jay’s Halloween animation of music from Dark Ride. – Mark’s Record Label. – Soundtrack by Mark & Rain Station.
Use the comment link below to contact us. If you need help finding the perfect song for your scene, just ask! Explain the scene a little, and Mark or I will get back to you. Let’s collaborate!

Rockin' with the wee one


Recording the Alto Recorder